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New Decade Deep Clean: 4 Bathroom Fixtures You’ve Probably Missed

New Decade Deep Clean: 4 Bathroom Fixtures You’ve Probably Missed

Welcome to 2020 – the dawn of a new decade! This year, rather than closing the door on a singular year we say goodbye to an entire decade and look forward to the one ahead. If you’re anything like us, beginning a new chapter requires a fresh start and nothing says ‘fresh start’ like a deep clean. Even for those who regularly wipe down countertops, clean toilets, and wash the floors, there are certain jobs we tend to leave for another day. Well today, is that day. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to deep clean four areas that you’ve probably been neglecting – and usher in the new year cleaner than ever.

The Shower Head: Your shower head probably isn’t something that gets cleaned in the weekly or even monthly rotation, but it really should be. It is, after all, the mechanism that washes the soap off our bodies and leaves us squeaky clean, right? Well, if you’re not cleaning it regularly the opposite could be true. Besides obvious soap scum, a neglected shower head can harbor bacteria that travels directly into your lungs when you shower. Ick! Don’t worry, our faithful friend, vinegar is here to help. All you have to do is fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it around your shower head so that the nozzle is fully submerged. We like to do this at night so it can soak for several hours. Then, in the morning remove the bag and run the shower for a while before hopping in yourself. Don’t forget to wash shower curtains and wipe down shower walls regularly as well. Unfortunately, the same soap and water that keeps us clean won’t cut it for showers, but luckily a little vinegar goes a long way.

Bathroom Grout: Just like shower heads, cleaning grout is something we usually put on the back burner. It’s a tedious job and nobody wants to do it, but as we said, today is that day. Open the window, grab a grout brush (a toothbrush will also work), dip it in bleach and scrub any areas that have become discolored. Remember, bleach just removes the stain, so apply vinegar beforehand to kill any mold. In addition to regular cleaning, you should also be resealing grout every six months to help prevent moisture and germs from setting up shop.

The Sink: If we asked which bathroom fixture houses the most bacteria, chances are pretty good that you’d say your toilet, right? Well, surprisingly you’d be wrong. It’s actually your sink drain. Its level of bacteria is so high that it’s comparable to a cutting board that’s been used to cut raw meat. Pretty gross, right? Just think about how many times you’ve accidentally knocked your toothbrush into the sink only to use it right afterward*shudders*. To deep clean your drain, pour in vinegar or baking soda (both have mold-killing properties) and flush with hot water. You’ll also want to clean your faucet handles with a disinfectant wipe or a spray. Now for our favorite tip of all, floss your faucet. Yes, really. Floss is the perfect tool to remove grime from where the base of your faucet meets the sink, which means you no longer have to stare at that gross brown ring.

Bathroom Vent: Now for the most neglected of all, the bathroom vent. Raise your hand if you’ve never cleaned yours. Yeah, that’s what we thought. Although the vent keeps the rest of your bathroom clean by eliminating moisture and reducing mold and mildew, it also collects harmful airborne particles. To clean your air vent, flip the circuit breaker, remove the cover, and soak in warm water and dish soap. While the cover is soaking, you can vacuum the fan blades and wipe any excess grime with a damp cloth. Allow everything to dry before putting it back in its place to prevent any mold from growing (or returning).

We’re not going to lie, deep cleaning can be tedious and is almost always exhausting. But there’s really no better feeling than knowing your bathroom has been cleaned top to bottom. Give it a go – it might be the fresh start you’ve been needing.

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