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8 Habits to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh and Clean

8 Habits to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh and Clean

Even the tidiest of people will admit, keeping your bathroom clean is a full-time job. Between all the products and people, it can feel like a battle to clean your bathroom regularly – but that doesn’t have to be the case. With a few daily (and weekly) habits in place, you can keep your bathroom in tip-top shape and put off that dreaded deep clean a little bit longer.

1) Squeegee in the Shower: Before you say it, we know it’s annoying, but using a shower squeegee goes further than you think! Eliminating those pesky water stains (especially from hard water) will leave your shower looking cleaner, longer – which means you can put off that deep clean for an even colder snow day.

2) Rinse the Sink: Another small step that can make a world of a difference, rinsing your sink! Crusty toothpaste and residual makeup are the usual culprits that make your sink look like a bit grungy. So why not make a quick sink rinse part of your nightly routine? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: Wash your face, brush your teeth, rinse the sink. Boom, you’re done!

3) Use Baskets for Organization: Nothing makes your bathroom look messier than disorganized clutter. Unfortunately, all bathrooms have products and most of those products need to be on hand. Instead of haphazardly piling products under the sink, purchase organizational baskets or containers and group similar products together. Then, once you’re done using a product put it back where it came from and your bathroom clutter will be a thing of the past!

4) Wash Your Bathmats and Shower Curtains Regularly: While our bath towels get laundered frequently, we tend to forget about some of the other fabrics in our bathroom like our bathmats and shower curtains. Unfortunately, just because we don’t want to clean them (or forget to) doesn’t mean they don’t get dirty! In fact, both your bathmat and shower curtain are a moisture-filled paradise for harmful bacteria, so you’ll definitely want to keep them in the laundry rotation. Trust us, you don’t want to skip this step and if you’re skeptical, just go take a whiff of your bathmat.

5) Clean Your Toilet When It Doesn’t Need It: While this may sound counterintuitive, we promise it’s not. Cleaning your toilet when it doesn’t actually look dirty keeps it fresh and clean long after your monthly deep-clean. Plus, it’s just good hygiene – after all, nobody wants to sit on a dirty toilet seat!

6) Keep Extra Towels on Hand: It’s easy to put off washing your towels if you have to wait to use them, which is why it’s important to have an extra set of towels on hand for when your favorites are in the wash. Don’t worry, they don’t have to be particularly nice to look at, all they have to do is dry you off.

7) Empty the Trash and Restock your Essentials: Okay, we may have exaggerated when we said nothing makes a bathroom look dirtier than clutter – an overflowing garbage bin certainly does. Ensuring you empty the trash and restock essentials (like toilet paper) on a regular basis, keeps your bathroom tidy and ready for any unexpected guests (however infrequent that may be).

8) Keep Your Counters Tidy: Whether it’s a quick tidy to put everything back in its place or wiping off mascara that somehow always manages to find its way onto your counter – don’t forget to give your countertops some daily love. If you prefer to have your essential products on display, try storing them on an elegant tray on your counter for easy access. Simply giving your products a pretty home will make your cluttered countertops look intentionally chic.

Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys cleaning their bathroom – it’s simply one of those things that must be done. Luckily, these habits only take a couple of minutes and results last much longer. Happy tidying!

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