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7 Design Tricks to Make Low Ceilings Appear Taller

7 Design Tricks to Make Low Ceilings Appear Taller
As much as we’d all like to have beautiful spacious bathrooms, sometimes we have to make do with tiny spaces, especially in historic homes. Whether it’s an awkward powder room under the staircase, halfway up the stairs on a landing, or in your little ole basement — bathrooms with low ceilings can be tricky to master. Fortunately, we love the thrill of making awkward spaces work and we’re sharing our top design tips to help your low ceiling stand up to the rest!

Paint It White: White is the default colour choice for most ceilings because of its natural ability to reflect light and make a space feel larger. It does this by drawing the eye upward, which visually raises the height of the ceiling itself. Pretty cool, right? If white ceilings aren’t your jam, you can still get a similar effect by painting the ceiling a lighter colour than the rest of your walls, just keep in mind that white will always reflect the most light.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely: When dealing with ceilings that are lower than the norm, anything that hangs down will make them feel even lower – and this includes lighting. So, if you’re struggling to make your bathroom appear larger, consider installing recessed lighting that tucks up into the ceiling rather than hanging down from it. Or, if recessed lighting isn’t within your budget, opt for wall-mounted fixtures to keep your ceiling line as high as possible.

Try High-Gloss Paint: At first thought, high-gloss paint may seem a bit too boujee for some, but we promise it’s not! Using high-gloss paint will enhance the light-reflecting properties of regular white paint, making your space feel even taller! To go one step further, you could install mirrors on the ceiling to reflect even more light and make your ceiling virtually disappear – just ensure you’re emotionally prepared to see your body from every angle before installation.

Think Vertical: Just as vertical patterns on clothing can create an elongated and lengthening effect on our bodies, it can do the same for our walls. The most obvious option is to paint vertical stripes to draw the eye upwards, but you can also create a similar effect with art. A gallery wall with portrait-style photos can be a great use of wall space and will make your bathroom appear taller by drawing the eye up and creating the illusion of vertical stripes in the space between your photos.

Forgo Window Treatments: While some designers suggest raising window coverings to make your ceilings feel higher, when it comes to bathrooms, we say toss ‘em! In small spaces, heavy drapery can weigh the room down and make it appear smaller and more closed in than it actually is. So, unless you truly need the added privacy of curtains in your bathroom, we recommend opting for modern blinds instead. This will also allow more natural light to flood the space, making your bathroom much brighter and giving the illusion of more space.

Remove Crown Molding: We like crown molding as much as the next person, but if you’re battling with low ceilings, the added character isn’t worth it. The border from crown molding pulls your ceiling line down even further, making your bathroom feel shorter. So, as much as it may pain you to remove existing crown molding, it’ll dramatically affect the height of your bathroom – we promise you won’t miss it!

Use Mirrors: Don’t forget to use the OG method of reflecting light, mirrors! While a mirror above the vanity is a no-brainer, when placed across from a window all that beautiful natural light bounces off and instantly brightens the space. It’s also never a bad idea to have an extra primping space in the bathroom – you never know when you might need it.

While low ceilings aren’t on anyone’s dream Pinterest board, you can make them work for you by focusing on reflecting light and drawing the eye up! What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

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