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5 Steps to Glowing Summer Skin

5 Steps to Glowing Summer Skin

As we rapidly approach the end of summer, many of us are doing our best to make the most of it by spending as much time as possible outside. Unfortunately, with outdoor activities comes high temperatures, sweat, and countless sunscreen applications, which can wreak havoc on your complexion. For those dreaming of radiant summer skin, it’s important to have a summer skincare routine that ensures your skin stays healthy, hydrated, and protected. Luckily, it only takes five steps to ensure your skin glows all summer long.

Double Cleanse: Double cleansing is a two-step process that involves using an oil-based cleanser followed by a foam or cream cleanser. The oil-based cleanser draws out impurities, oil, and sunscreen from your skin, allowing your traditional cleanser to more effectively do its job and clean your skin! Although there are countless oil-based cleansers on the market, you probably already have something at home that will work. Coconut oil is our top pick for pre-cleansing since it draws out impurities, removes makeup, and moisturizes your skin all in one step! As for the cream cleanser, it won't leave your skin feeling tight or dry like traditional cleansers on the market. Once your face is squeaky clean, it’s on to the next step, exfoliation!

Exfoliate: Chances are when you think of exfoliation, you think of physical exfoliation with tiny beads. The truth is, that physical exfoliation is often too harsh for the delicate skin on your face. For this reason, chemical exfoliants such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) have begun taking over the market. Rather than physically sloughing off dead skin, AHAs and BHAs combine with lipids on your outermost skin layer and dissolve them so that dead skin cells break away. Since chemical exfoliants penetrate more deeply into the skin than physical ones, they are also considered more effective. So, although the thought of putting something ‘chemical’ on your face sounds scary, it will actually help you to achieve a smooth, bright complexion. It is important to note, that your skin will need time to adjust to chemical exfoliants. It’s best to start with a weak AHA such as a fruit acid and limit application to once a week. We also recommend applying at night since many AHAs and BHAs can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Tone: Now that your skin is cleansed, smooth, and bright it’s time to tone. Toners help keep shiny summer skin at bay, so if you’re prone to a little forehead grease, a toner is definitely for you. For those with sensitive or dry skin, it’s important to select an alcohol-free toner, as the alcohol tends to dry out and irritate sensitive skin. You’ll also want to apply the toner mainly in oil-prone areas such as your t-zone.

Nourish: Most of us spend our summers enjoying the outdoors, which means our skin has to deal with more heat, sun, and wind than it does the rest of the year. This can cause dryness and irritation. Although many people assume a sweaty forehead is too moisturized, the opposite is actually true. When your skin isn’t moisturized enough it compensates by producing even more oil to try and moisturize your skin. Regardless of your skin type, moisturizing is key and the best way to lock in moisture is to invest in a serum. A serum is a liquid vitamin for your skin. Different skin types require different serums, but they all aim to deliver an abundance of nutrients for your skin. In our opinion serums are the difference between good and great skin – and 100% worth the investment.

Moisturize & Protect: The last and most important step for glowing summer skin is a moisturizer with SPF 30. Although makeup brands have begun to include SPF in their product it’s usually not enough to protect your skin from the sun, unless you use a lot of product! To err on the side of caution, we recommend putting on a moisturizer with SPF before applying your makeup.

Glowing skin is the ultimate summer accessory, so if achieving that takes a couple more minutes in the morning, we’re all for it! Easily organize all of your skin essentials with the KROMA STICK N LOCK Combo Basket. Summer is about care-free living and nothing says care-free like going makeup-free and still feeling your absolute best.

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