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10 Small-Bathroom Decor Ideas With Major Impact

10 Small-Bathroom Decor Ideas With Major Impact

While many homeowners don’t give much thought to decorating their small bathrooms, in fact they have great potential when it comes to self-expression.

Because they’re enclosed spaces that don’t necessarily need to coordinate with the rest of your home, these minimal but crucial spaces can be ideal places to showcase a compelling work of art, an unusual color palette, an interesting hobby or a number of other concepts. Consider the following ideas for making a big statement in your small lavatory space.

  1. Use a decorative painting technique to create eye-catching color and/or texture. 
  2. Add natural beauty (and oxygen) by hanging up plants. 
  3. Paint the walls in a bright color (or any color) that makes you happy, regardless of the color scheme in your other rooms.
  4. Add ceiling-height shelving and display a collection.
  5. Employ a theme that showcases your career, your hobby, your favorite vacation spot or another interest.
  6. Paper walls with a life-sized photographic mural depicting a beautiful location.
  7. Achieve a calm, ultra-pure effect by keeping the entire space white. 
  8. Go vintage. Salvage an old-school sink, install a distressed vanity and hang the walls with well-chosen antiques.
  9. Add a colorful rug and plan your color scheme around it. 
  10. Install a statement mirror or multiple smaller mirrors that make the room seem larger. 

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