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Summer Safety: 5 Essential Tips for Childproofing Your Bathroom

Summer Safety: 5 Essential Tips for Childproofing Your Bathroom

With the summer holidays in full swing, kids are spending more time at home than usual. As a parent, you're likely fielding endless snack requests, constantly tidying up, and feeling the pressure to provide entertainment 24/7. Amidst all these tasks, it’s understandable that childproofing gets pushed to the bottom of your list. Unfortunately, with more free time comes more opportunities to get into things they shouldn’t, and accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. Don’t worry, we're here to help with our top tips for childproofing your bathroom —and since we know you don’t have much time to spare, we’ll get right into it so you can enjoy a worry-free summer.

Install Non-Slip Surfaces:

Naturally, water is one of the most significant hazards when it comes to bathroom safety. This is particularly true in the shower and bathtub where the combination of soap and water make slick surfaces even more slippery. To avoid the dangerous injuries that can occur from a bathroom fall, place non-slip mats and decals in these areas — and don’t forget to strategically place bathmats for extra stability when stepping out of the shower or bath area. With these precautions in place, you can minimize the risk of accidents and ensure a safer bathroom environment for everyone.


Adjust Temperature Controls:

Scalding hot water can also pose a significant danger, especially when little hands come into contact with taps. While it’s always a good rule of thumb to prohibit bathroom access without adult supervision, as we all know, kids can be sneaky. To ensure your kiddo doesn’t unintentionally burn themselves while you’re preparing their fifth snack of the day, lower the maximum water temperature on your water heater. For added protection, you can also install anti-scald devices and faucet covers in your bathrooms.


Cover Electrical Outlets:

Electrical outlets can be particularly tempting for curious young minds, and their presence in the bathroom makes them even more hazardous. Just like in any other area of your home, make sure to install safety plugs or outlet covers to prevent children from inserting objects and reduce the risk of electrical accidents. Even though it may be difficult for your child to reach countertop level, don't forget to cover those outlets too, as their proximity to running water creates an even more significant risk.


Secure Cabinets and Drawers:

When curiosity and boredom collide, children become even more inquisitive than usual so you may notice them exploring cabinets and drawers they’ve previously shown little interest in. Like most households, your bathroom likely houses cleaning supplies and medications that would be dangerous in the wrong hands. Use childproof locks on medicine cabinets and vanity drawers to keep these types of hazardous items safely out of reach. And don’t forget to put cleaning supplies away immediately after use — remember, curious minds work fast!


Teach Bathroom Safety Rules:

While childproofing your bathroom is essential, teaching your children about bathroom safety is just as important. Empower your children to make responsible choices whether you’re nearby or not by establishing clear safety rules and routines. This can include things like always washing your hands before leaving the bathroom and never using electrical devices near water. Understandably, your toddler won’t be able to comprehend the same level of risk as your eight-year-old, but safety lessons are never wasted. By starting the process early, your children will grow up with an instinctual understanding of bathroom safety, so even if they wander into a bathroom alone, they’ll make safe choices.

Whether your children spend their summers at summer camp, with their grandparents, or at home with you, bathrooms are always part of the equation. Share these essential childproofing measures with your family, camp counsellors, and significant other to ensure your children are protected wherever they go. And if they do come across a bathroom that hasn’t been childproofed, your bathroom safety rules will help them make safer choices, so everyone can enjoy a safe, stress-free summer.

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