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Product Spotlight: Five of Our Most Popular Items

Product Spotlight: Five of Our Most Popular Items

If you’re anything like us, online shopping has become a bit of an obsession lately. Whether we’re shopping for a killer post-quarantine outfit or upping our skincare game, online shopping provides a sense of normalcy amongst the chaos. So, although we aren’t able to pop out to the store whenever the urge for a new face serum strikes, we can find almost anything we need online and something is comforting about that. With that in mind, we thought we’d dive a bit deeper into five of our most popular products – just in case you have the desire to deck out your bathroom during this extended time at home.

CLASSIC Shower Dispenser 3 Chamber: One of our most popular products is the CLASSIC Shower Dispenser 3 Chamber. Its practical and convenient design can store and dispense shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in a single, easy-to-use dispenser. The touch button and pump design make it an ideal dispenser for the whole family as it dispenses the perfect amount of liquid every time. Each chamber holds an impressive 14.5 fl. oz. (430 ml), so you don’t have to worry about constantly refilling them. That being said, when you do need to refill them, the chambers are easily removed, making it hassle-free. This easy-to-use design can also be installed in a matter of minutes, with no tools required. Simply adhere to any wall surface with the waterproof silicone glue and 2-way tape included in your purchase.

AVIVA Shower Dispenser 3 Chamber: If the CLASSIC dispenser isn’t calling your name, the AVIVA Shower Dispenser 3 might be the one for you. Its stylish design can store and dispense three liquids in 11oz chambers for convenient and modern shower organization. The model is made from water-resistant ABS plastic and has integrated hooks that allow you to neatly hang razors and other bathroom accessories as needed. The AVIVA chambers lift off the wall for easy refilling/cleaning and the dispenser pumps come with a Lifetime Warranty. If that’s not enough to impress, this model can also be installed using only the products provided with purchase – no tools required.

DELUXE Shower Squeegee: If you ask us, squeegees are the unsung heroes of bathroom maintenance and our DELUXE model is no exception. While its unassuming, compact design may not scream must-have, trust us, it is! Its high quality, rubber blade eliminates pesky water spots and prevents soap scum from accumulating on glass, mirror, tile, and marble surfaces. Oh, and did we mention it’s rust and tarnish free? Like we said, it’s an unsung hero and an absolute must-have.

VISO Frameless Shower Mirror: Next up is our VISO Frameless Shower Mirror that makes in-shower grooming possible. Its fog-free, shatter-proof, and easy to hold in wet conditions. So, whether you’re a man who prefers to take advantage of the humidity and shave in the shower or a woman who wants to make sure that stubborn water-proof mascara actually comes off – we’ve got you covered. Its sleek, frameless design is easy to install and comes with a convenient storage hook so your razor can be at the ready. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

SMART 4 Multi-Purpose Bathroom Stool: Last but certainly not least is our SMART 4 Multi-Purpose Stool, which comes in handy much more than even we’d like to admit. Its strong aluminum legs, non-skid rubber feet, and rust-proof design make it the perfect stool for use both in and out of the shower. At just under 10”, it can be used to prop your foot up for in-shower shaving, to sit on beside the bathtub while you bathe your child, or for children to stand on in front of the sink. Another, lesser-known benefit of the stool is its curved design that perfectly contours around the base of your toilet. Without going into too much detail, we’ll just say that this feature makes it an efficient and discreet squatting tool for strain-free visits to the loo. It also comes fully assembled so you can use it the minute it arrives on your doorstep!

Whether you’re looking for organization, convenience, or a touch of style, these bathroom products are sure to fit the bill. So, if online shopping is one of the ways you’re dealing with the “new normal”, brighten your day with one of our most popular products.

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