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How to Infuse Your Bathroom with Main Character Energy

How to Infuse Your Bathroom with Main Character Energy

While there’s always a time and place for minimalism, particularly when it comes to organization, sometimes we can go a bit overboard. As we haphazardly toss items and pieces of décor in the name of minimalism, we also inadvertently strip our home of its character — or more specifically our main character's energy. For those unfamiliar with this trending term, main character energy is all about romanticizing everyday life and embracing your role as the main character. It’s a movement that celebrates self-love, confidence, and individuality — and after years of seeing exclusively white sterile bathrooms, we couldn’t be more excited to apply this to bathroom design. So, if you’re ready to embrace your main character's energy, here are a few tips to help you create a home fit for the big screen.


Get Inspired by Your Favourite Rom-Com: As with any design trend, the first step is all about inspiration. So, put on your comfiest pyjamas, grab some snacks, and indulge in your favourite romantic comedy (90s movies are highly encouraged). Now, while you’re enjoying all the bliss that comes with watching a familiar favourite, take note of the main character’s home. Whether you’re watching The Wedding Singer, She’s All That, or Legally Blonde, you’ll notice that the main characters’ homes and bedrooms are anything but boring. You see, set designers intentionally use colour, texture, and even clutter to reflect the unique interests and quirks of the main character. You may even notice after a movie marathon or two that you very rarely see a perfectly put-together, clutter-free home. That’s because main characters are often complicated and charismatic people (just like us), who wouldn’t necessarily care about having a perfectly curated home. So, before you buy an aesthetic toothbrush holder to replace that lopsided mug you made in middle school, think about how a set designer would use home décor to represent you and embrace all that beautiful uniqueness.


Lean into Nostalgia: Now after decades of trying to fit in with our peers, it can be challenging to instill main character energy into our living spaces, simply because we’ve forgotten what we actually like. If you’re not sure where to start, go back to the beginning. What were your favourite things when you were a kid? What are the colours, smells, or items, that give you that warm cozy feeling of nostalgia? Maybe it’s the pink walls in your childhood bedroom, the delicious scent of your coveted vanilla lip smacker, or jamming out to the Spice Girls soundtrack as you got ready for school in the morning. Identify the things that bring those fuzzy feelings rushing back and use them as inspiration for your home.

Depending on how bold you’re willing to go, this could look like painting your entire bedroom and ensuite bubble gum pink (a la Elle Woods). Or, simply buying that pink flower power bathmat you’ve been eyeing for years but didn’t think would “go” with the rest of your décor. The truth is, the things we feel nostalgic about are usually things that used to bring us joy, so lean into them and decorate for the inner you.


Embrace Maximalism: While we’d be lying if we said maximalism didn’t scare us a bit, truly embracing your main character energy requires it. Luckily, bathrooms are the perfect space to be a bit extra. So, whether you’re into bold wallpaper, retro tile, or want to create your own little greenhouse, don’t be afraid to go all in. As silly as it may sound, stepping into a space that’s uniquely yours first thing in the morning can be the first step towards becoming authentically you and living the life you’ve always wanted.

At this time of year, rebirth is all around us, making it the perfect time to transform our homes into the space we always wanted it to be. So, channel your inner child, lean into the things that once brought you joy, and be unapologetically you — after all, that’s what every main character deserves.

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