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5 Ways to Aesthetically Organize Your Bathroom

5 Ways to Aesthetically Organize Your Bathroom

Has popping into your family bathroom ever caused you to roll your eyes and let out an exaggerated sigh? Us too. Whether it’s damp towels in a pile on the floor or an open tube of toothpaste on the sink, a disorganized bathroom is certainly one of the pains of living with others. So, besides evicting our messiest culprits (since they tend to be our children), what’s the key to bathroom organization? We think it comes down to giving all items a home and making that home as obvious and easily accessible as possible. Try these five organization tips if (like us) you’re sick and tired of running late because you can’t find what you’re looking for amongst the clutter.

Eliminate Shower Clutter: Showers and bathtub surrounds are just a few spaces that tend to collect clutter in your bathroom. With hair products, bubble bath, and razors it’s no wonder things start to look messy. Our favourite way to clear up shower space is to install a shower caddy like our FINELINE 4 Tier Shower Caddy w/ Mirror. With four shelves and two movable utility hooks, everyone will have a space to store all their favourite products – leaving the floor free for all your shower dancing needs.

Get Rid of Packaged Products: If, after you’ve installed a shower caddy, your shower still isn’t as streamlined as you’d like, ditch your mismatched product bottles. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to throw out your products, just repackage them in a way that is more aesthetically pleasing. Store your most-used products in our LINEA Luxury Triple Shower Dispenser with three dispensing chambers. By eliminating those mismatched products, your bathroom will instantly look more like a sophisticated retreat and less like a cluttered sorority shower room.

Label Your Storage Spaces: As we mentioned before, organization is about giving everything a home and making that home as obvious as possible. This tip is for your laziest housemates who “don’t know” where to put their toothpaste after they’re done using it. We love using a label maker and clear containers to divide up cupboard space and make it easy to see where everything goes. Not only can you use clear containers to aesthetically store things like makeup pads and Q-tips, but you can also use clear bins to functionally group your products. Try creating various bins for hair products, skincare, and dental products. This will make it easy to see all of your products while keeping the large open space neat and tidy.

Make the Most of Your Cupboard Space: Keeping our cupboards tidy isn’t always top of mind since we can easily close the doors and blissfully ignore the mess that lurks beneath. That being said, an organized cupboard can accommodate much more than a disorganized one, so it’s worth tidying up. In addition to the labelled containers mentioned above, we love the idea of using a lazy Susan to store your most-used items. This provides easy access to products and eliminates the avalanche of products that tumbles down every time you try to pull out your favourite bubble bath from the back of the cupboard. Trust us, cupboard Jenga rarely works – just get the lazy Susan.

Organize Your Drawers: Just like cupboards, your drawers need some organization too. No one enjoys rummaging through years of makeup trying to find that perfect shade of lipstick as an Uber waits outside. Instead of throwing everything into a drawer that inevitably gets disorganized and dirty, separate the space. Purchase drawer dividers and group similar products together so that, you guessed it, everything gets a home. We recommend housing your most-used items in drawer dividers or lazy Susans and then leaving the clear bins for items you use less often.

While bathroom organization can feel like a headache at the time, ensuring everything has a proper place makes it easier to keep things tidy in the long run. Try out some of these tips and make sure you get the rest of your family (or roommates) on board so that your bathroom sparks joy rather than irritation.

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