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How do I make my own foaming hand soap for my FOAMA Touchless Soap Dispenser?

Liquid hand soaps must be diluted with water. To minimize waste, mix a half bottle and then test the foam. Try 20% soap and 80% water. Adjust as necessary and ensure the underside of the pump is kept dry. Swirl bottle to mix, do not shake. Avoid using creamy soaps that tend to separate after dilution.

Ideally, the foam will hold its shape well without any large bubbles. Some small bubbles are okay. If the pump is sputtering and producing large bubbles with sticky foam, add about 20% more water and test again. It may be necessary to cycle water through the pump to clear out excess concentrated soap. If the foam seems light, frothy and doesn’t clean well, add a small amount of soap to give the foam more structure. If you are still having trouble diluting your soap, see our technical support video.

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