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How do I install my Twist N Lock or Sure-Loc suction product?

Full instructions for installation of your Twist N Lock item are available Here.

Full instructions for installation of your Sure-Loc item are available Here.

Here are some things to check if you have had difficulty with your installation:

  1. All suction products are suitable to be used only on hard, smooth, shiny, flat surfaces such as glass, fibreglass, acrylic, mirror and high-gloss tile.
  2. The mounting surface must be clean, dry and free of all dirt, lime scale and soap residue. To remove all soap films, scrub surface with warm water and dry thoroughly. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.
  3. Prior to installation, rinse the inside of suction cups under warm water and shake off excess to remove any dust from the suction cups. Allow the suction cups to dry.
  4. If you are attempting to install your Twist N Lock or Sure-Loc product in the corner (with one suction cup on one wall and the other suction cup on the adjacent wall, when equipped with two suction brackets) be sure that your walls are sufficiently square with each other to ensure a firm bond.
  5. Continue following the assembly guide for your specific product, as well as the mounting procedures detailed in the instructions provided and found in the above links.


  • Suction cups will not adhere to painted, textured, matted or porous surfaces
  • Avoid grout lines
  • Do not position in direct contact with water
  • Do not overload product
  • Do not over-tighten the decorative cap
  • Do not use to store glass containers
  • Do not use your suction product as a grab bar
  • Clean with a damp, soft cloth and do not use any cleaners containing harsh chemicals or abrasives

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